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33 Gift Ideas for the Nerdy Geeky (Nerky!) Person in your Life

gift guide Dec 10, 2019

I asked you on Instagram if you would like a Nerky Christmas gift guide with gift ideas for the nerd/geek in your life, and the response was overwhelmingly YES! So, without further ado, here are some gift ideas for your person broken down in sections: 

For someone who loves a fandom:

1. Star Wars x WW2 mash-up and Galactic Samurai printsThere are tons of different prints to choose from! I actually bought the SWxWWII prints for Jason years ago.
2. Shakespearean insult bandagesThis is a hilarious stocking stuffer idea!
3. I drink and I know things glass and hand of king bottle opener.  If you can get past the hasty patchwork that was season 8 of Game of Thrones, this is a cool gift with one of the best lines from Tyrion Lannister. You could pair it with this Game of Thrones beer, or if wine is your thing, then there’s this 4 pack of stemless wine glasses.
4. Funko Cereal T-Shirt. There are lots of different character options, and these shirts are so unique! They come in a box that looks like a cereal box - super fun and unique idea.
5. Thor's Hammer fidget spinners. A cool stocking stuffer for an Avengers fan for sure. Plus it's a two-pack with the gold and bronze. What a deal!
6. Death star Bluetooth speakerA bluetooth speaker that's also the death star! It's worth mentioning that it's super affordable too!
7. A custom Rick and Morty drawing with YOU as the main character! For $40, I'll customize it to look like you or your person in the background pictured. Email me!
8. Pickle Rick Pop FigureIf you or your person is into Rick and Morty, then you’ll know that Pickle Rick is one of the funniest episodes, periodt.
9. 15 Days of Socks15 days of socks in a cute little box – a fun and inexpensive gift idea. They come in mens, womens and kids sizes in all sorts of fandoms like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Minecraft and Game of Thrones.

 Awesome ideas not related to a specific fandom:

1. Cards Against HumanityHilarious game. Definitely not for kids, but would be a great gift for an adult with a sense of humor. 
2. Bug-A-Salt. Become the master of your domain and shoot flies out of the air as they fly across your space with this salt gun.
3. Circuit Board Cufflinks. For the IT guy in your life.
4. Quantum Physics for Babies by Chris Ferrie board book set. Chris Ferrie has tons of adorable science and math books for babies – biology, space, organic chemistry and more. Check them all out here.
5. Minimalist solar system shirtMinimalist, but still space. The ultimate irony.
6. Player One Coffee. For the gamer in your life.
7. Nachosaurus chips and dip setFor when you love entertaining and dinosaurs equally.
8. Throw Throw BurritoThis game is under my tree and it looks like a hilarious game for kids or adults. It's a card game, but you also throw the burritos at each other. 
9. Bears vs Babies. This is another one that's under my tree, and looks like a kid friendly card game similar to Cards Against Humanity.
10. Loot Crate Subscription Box. They range in price for a monthly subscription, and you can pay for 1, 3 or 6 months at a time. You can get different types of crates for pop culture, different fandoms, anime, fright – I mean there are TONS to choose from. A crate for every fan.

Awesome ideas on the pricier end:

Need a "big gift"? Boom, here you go.

1. Nintendo SwitchI know, spendy spendy BUT hear me out. The switch is a console that you can play as a handheld or hook up to a tv and play multiplayer. If your person grew up playing Mario and Zelda, it’s a no brainer. My son and I have one, and we play together at least weekly. #bonding
2. Nintendo Switch Lite. To save a little bit of money, you can get the Switch Lite, which only works as a handheld. It's compatible with all of the switch games.
3. Invisibility CloakIt comes with an app that actually makes you look invisible with the cloak on!
4. BB8 app enabled droid. Make BB-8 go with your smart phone! So cool!
5. Spartan knife set. For SPARTAAAAACO Tuesday. (Not sorry for that.) You can also get it without the knives as the block by itself
6. Lovebox Spinning Pixel Heart Messenger. This is so cool. You send a message to your person in the app, then the heart spins until they open the box, where they can read your message. Way sweeter than a simple text. How great would this be for someone who is deployed?!
7. R2-D2 Instant PotThis is the droid you’re looking for. For the scruffy looking nerf herder chef – Williams Sonoma has a whole line of Star Wars cookware including Instant Pots, glassware and cookie cutters. 

And finally, a few delicate and feminine ideas:

1. Star Wars Rey Hooded CardiganA subtle cardigan you could wear to work, but still paying homage to Star Wars.
2. Harry Potter wand makeup brushes. A muggle can dream, right?
3. Harry Potter Time Turner Necklace. Beautiful and inexpensive!
4. Baby Groot Succulent Planter. Baby Groot - the most adorable surprise in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. This succulent planter can also work as a pen and pencil holder!
5. Thanos Gauntlet jewelry. The perfect delicate hand piece for an Avengers fan. Technically, this is really more for a Thanos fan, but you get it.
6. Blooming Lollipops. Lollipops with seeds in the stick so you can enjoy the sucker, then plant it to grow an herb! 
7. Space skirtThere are actually several different patterns for this skirt, including 2 different versions of space and Van Gogh’s Starry Night. And it’s Prime, baby!

There you have it! Note: This blog post uses affiliate links. If you're going to shop, I appreciate you using my links! I may receive a small commission, and that's one of many ways I earn money. Thank you so much!

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