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Fit Friday: Working Out at Home

fit friday fitness momming Jan 24, 2020

I’ve been doing the home workouts in Just Brandi’s Six Week Challenge for the past week and a half, and I am FEELING IT. Alllll the sore muscles, but it’s that good hurt that shows you’re getting stronger. I alternate days most of the time between a challenge workout, which is generally focused on strength training, and running. Starting today and moving forward, I think I will run or walk (or just do some kind of cardio for about 30 minutes) every day in addition to the challenge workout because I’m excited about FitMeg2.0. (Read: I’m impatient.)

The challenge workouts are GREAT, y’all. They’re just difficult enough to make you really work for it without being so hard that you want to give up, AND you can do them at home with basic dumbbells.  Brandi does them live each day in her private Facebook group so you can see each movement and how to do it, which is one of the main difficulties in working out, right? Wtf is a skier swing? I didn’t know 2 weeks ago, but now I do. Anyway, she’s my friend and she’s doing great things for women to get healthy and stronger, so definitely check out her program (linked above) – you can still sign up for this round, or you can wait for the next one!

What I do is I grab the workout in the morning and write it down on a post-it note, then later when I workout after my son gets home from school, I take my post-it outside and stick it on a white board I have out there and make notes about the amount of weight I used, number of rounds, etc.

What I truly love about these home workouts is that when I go outside to exercise, my son comes too. Sometimes he plays basketball with friends. Sometimes he climbs the trees in my yard. Sometimes he works out with me. Sometimes he just dances to the music, climbs to the top of the punching bag and holds his hand out for a low five every time I come up from a burpee. He loves when I exercise out there, and I love setting the example for him that being healthy and active is important. I remember when I was FitMeg1.0, I used to do push-ups with my then-toddler sitting on my back. He freaking LOVED it. Gotta get there again, only with an 8 year old now. Fist bump - we can do this, y'all.

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