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Nerky Book Club: August 2019

nerky book club Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 7/29/19

The book of the month this month was Daring Greatly by Brené Brown – and I’m not finished with it yet! I have like 80 pages to go and I don’t want to post a review until I’ve completely finished it, so this isn’t a book review, but I am going to announce the August book.

First – something I wasn’t expecting from Daring Greatly is that it’s very informational, meaning everything is very evidence-based with studies cited. It shouldn’t be surprising given that Brené Brown is a researcher by day, and hero to moms everywhere by night, but based on the conversational tones of her TED talk and Netflix special, I was thinking this book would also be very conversational. It’s not a negative or a positive really – I just went into it expecting one thing and found it was another thing. That’s all I have to say for now – I’ll post a full review when I’m finished reading!

For August, I want to read a book I bought last year because Amazon knows us all better than we know ourselves and recommended it to me. It’s called The Happiness Diet by Tyler Graham and Drew Ramsey, MD. I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, but the subtitle of this book is “A nutritional prescription for a sharp brain, balanced mood and lean, energized body.” This is a message I can get behind.

I spent most of the past year pulling myself out of shock and depression after losing Jason. I focused on getting my mind right – when I exercised, it was for the endorphins, not the physical shape it put me in. I took note of how things, people, events and work made me feel. I did more things, hung out with more people and went to more events that made me feel good and I did less of what made me feel bad. Everything I chose to do was based first in how it would make me feel – would this improve my mood? My mental strength? My happiness? If so, then I would do it.

Put simply, I did things that improved my status quo and did not do things that would take away from it. It was certainly a learning process, and something I’m constantly working on, but that’s my basic filter for all things I do – how will doing this, eating that, hanging out with that person, etc . make me feel?

Back when I bought this book, I intended on reading it to up my game in the kitchen, but at the same time, I wasn’t ready to take this step. So it sat on my shelf for a year, and here we are. This concludes the story of how I came to own this book, you’re welcome for this harrowing narrative.

Join me in reading The Happiness Diet this month! Nearly half the book is recipes, so it should be a quick read for this month when we’re all getting back into the routine of school – at least here in Texas, where we start school in August. Along with school starting soon comes germs and sickness beginning to make the rounds, so there’s no better time than to re-examine what we’re putting into our bodies and how it affects our mood and general health, amiright?

In Summary

Order Daring Greatly here. There are still 2 more days in July, so it counts.

Order The Happiness Diet here. I’m so excited to finally read this one!

If you prefer audio books on your commute, while you workout or on your evening stroll, you can get a free trial with Audible here, and it includes 2 free audio books!

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