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Bright and Cheery Patio Reveal

home decor Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 7/15/19

Y’all, I’m so excited about this. Redecorating, cleaning and organizing has been giving me life since Jason passed. My house is becoming more me and less us, while still honoring his memory with little touches of him everywhere. You can see my living room glow up here.

I spend SO much time outside, especially in the summer time, that my patio just needed an upgrade. Wait, how do you upgrade when there was no furniture to begin with? Basically it went from looking like a storage shed to a legit patio with furniture and lights and decorations, oh my! Talk about a serious glow up.


But scroll fast because it’s sad and just a scotche embarrassing.

Random storage. No seating. Very meh. Except for the cutest dog ever, I give this 0/10.


All things put away, lots of seating now. So bright, much color. V. happy.

Friends, lots of this stuff is on super sale or even clearance as stores start to transition to Fall decor – so get it while you can! Check all the links below if you missed it in my IG stories (follow me @nerkymeg – it’s also saved as a highlight).

  1. Teal and brown sectional from Amazon – I definitely wanted this color of sectional because it’s my favorite color. My goal was bright and cheerful – did I nail it? Each piece of this sectional is separate so you can organize it however you want – you can see how I did it in the first picture.
  2. Polka dot pillow in berry from Pier 1 – Decorative pillows – need I say more?
  3. Flowery pillow from Pier 1 – the ones on my couch are actually from Walmart, but I can’t find them online anymore. The point is, get a busy flowery pillow that works with your color scheme in a contrasting pattern – Pier 1 has TONS of outdoor pillows on the cheap right now! TONS.
  4. Fire pit that converts to a table from Walmart – I mean how often do you actually use a fire pit? Probably not as often as you use a table, gnomesayin’? This is double the efficiency in the same compact space – winnnnnning!
  5. Colorful striped rug from Walmart – it’s colorful without being super bold. I didn’t want the rug to be the focal point, but I did want it to complement everything. If you want some color on your patio without going all out, get a rug like this and like ONE colorful accent piece – like pillows – then you can just add some pops of color o your existing setup.
  6. Polka dot lumbar pillow from Pier 1. I’m telling you, their pillow sale is top notch.
  7. Decoy wasp nest from Amazon – flying beasts of burden! Wasps make it so my son hates being outside, so I’m trying these decoys to get rid of them without trapping them. Plus, they’re kind of pretty, like little lanterns.
  8. Purple fridge from Walmart – Y’all – having a mini fridge on the patio is a SOLID BALLER MOVE. Fill it with beer or La Croix and party your heart out. Purple refrigerators are for WINNERS. Side note – how cute is it for a dorm room though? It comes in other colors too! Get it soon because this will definitely sell out! Related – this one is SO CUTE TOO. I love the retro style, but I wasn’t sure if the blue would clash too much with the couch I had already picked.
  9. Pink Pouf from Amazon – I actually got mine from Pier 1, but they don’t have them online anymore. There are several colors and patterns to choose from – and if you like the short and wide style, here are even more options from Amazon.
  10. Black and white patterned grill cover from Amazon – I moved my grill out from under the covered patio to make space for a seating area, so it needed weather protection. Honestly, a grill cover is probably something I should have had from the beginning, but hey, better late than never. How cute is this pattern though – simple and stylish.
  11. Teal side table from Target – this was the first thing I bought because it’s my favorite color, and then I literally decorated the whole patio around this
  12. Tiki mask from Pier 1 – my son and I picked this out together and I just, I love it.
  13. String lights from Pier 1 – so cute, right?! And they’re 50% off right now!
  14. Citronella candle from Pier 1 – legit bought this because the container is so pretty. But also, mosquitos are out for blood this summer, pun intended *eyebrow waggle* , and I am NOT HERE FOR IT. Also, it’s 50% off right now!
  15. Ceiling fan from Houzz – this one is similar to mine but not quite the same because mine was already there. Point is, a ceiling fan is a MUST for your patio in Texas. A. MUST.
  16. Patio screens from Amazon – they come in several sizes and colors. I got 2 – one for each side. These will help shield the patio from weather like rain and wind, and will also be useful in the winter so I can pull some of my more delicate plants onto the patio if it gets below freezing.

I freaking love it SO HARD, Y’ALL. It’s so colorful and bright, and I know Jason would like it, too. He would no doubt have found some way to make it even more awesome. The tiki mask is something he would have picked out, so that was our subtle nod to him. Also, our Jason tree is right on the edge of the patio, so now we can sit and watch him grow. <3

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