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DIY Lego Storage Container

diy momming Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 2/15/19

This year we got to make valentine boxes for my son’s class party, and I’m pretty stoked that his is one we can continue to use for storage now that Valentine’s Day has passed. I love a good dual purpose craft. We also did Lego Valentines, so we kept the theme going by making a Lego themed Valentine container, too. We went through several ideas – how cute and easy would it be to use a kleenex box and make it look like a Lego brick?

Ultimately we settled on making a minifig head out of a bucket of cheese balls it will now take us approximately 2 years to finish eating. No worries though, these things could survive the apocalypse.

You need:

Cheese balls or similar style plastic container
Yellow spray paint + primer – I used Krylon. You just need one that will stick to plastic. Paint plus primer is always the way to go.
Gloss protective spray – optional, but recommended. It will keep the paint from chipping over time.
Black and white craft paint – that link is for a rainbow of colors, but Apple Barrel is a decent brand of inexpensive paint. You can get it at Michaels, Walmart, etc too.
Paint brush – just a small craft paintbrush. Nothing special.

The short version:

  1. Empty container
  2. Clean it
  3. Paint it

The deets:

Empty container, rinse the inside and work on getting the sticker off the outside. Sticker residue is the worst, right? Here’s a trick: peel as much as you can, then soak a paper towel in rubbing alcohol and lay it across the remaining sticker residue. Just let it soak in for a few minutes, then you can wash it with warm water and the sticker comes off more easily.

Once it’s dry, you can spray paint it yellow. Be careful, if you get too close it will run and leave drippy marks. I let my kid do this part, and he seemed unbothered by the drippy marks because he was so excited to spray paint. Being creative is not about being perfect, y’all. Side note: I think a lot of parents take over projects like this for their kids, but not over here. He was so excited and proud that he did it himself!

Obviously spray paint it outside or in an open garage where there is fresh air and ventilation. Obviously supervise your kid if you let them do it themselves. I feel like that goes without saying, but there you have it. Make smart choices.

Let it dry over night.

The next day, pick your Lego face and draw it on. I used a pencil first and sort of scraped the paint a bit to create an outline. I freehanded it, but you could print the Lego face and then trace it on the bucket if freehanding stresses you out. Then I realized I probably needed to outline it in paint for my son to see better and fill it in. You may or may not want to do that, just depends on your kid’s age, skill level, etc. You will need to use a couple of coats – let each coat dry before you add to it. Once you’re happy with it, spray it with protective gloss. This will keep the paint from chipping over time. Let it dry for 24-48 hours – however long the can says, and BOOM, you have adorable homemade Lego storage!

Side note – we made Lego Valentines using this 1,000 pack of knock-offs I found on Amazon. They are seriously the best non-Lego Legos I’ve seen, because we all know that sometimes the off brand once are the worst. If you’re in the market for inexpensive Legos, I’d recommend them!

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