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Fit Friday: Planning

fit friday Jan 31, 2020

Y’all – I have a fit tip today. Just the tip. Here it is:

100% of the times I don’t plan out my workout, I don’t work out.

If I don’t know what I’m going to do – run, walk, weight circuit, etc. – I don’t do anything. So I plan. I write it in my planner (aptly named, eh?), which I’m constantly checking things off in all day err day. I write down what I’m going to do at a high level – run, weights, kickboxing, etc. – on each day with a little empty check box next to it that I fill in when I’m done. If I’m working out in my garage, I write my workout on a post-it and take it out there with me, rather than go out there without a plan. If I’m running, I set a time or distance. If I’m going to a class, I block the class time off in my calendar. Plan plan plan.

I’ve also been planning my meals better with the help of Home Chef. If you remember, I tried several different meal kit delivery services and crowned Home Chef my personal fave.  You can read about all the ones I tried here. I’ve been cooking way more often with fewer pizza nights/less eating out in general (still some though! I’m not completely un-fun). Usually I can get dinner for my son and I and lunch for me the next day out of one Home Chef recipe. It works, it’s easy and they have some meals that only take 15 minutes. All the win. All of it.  What I’ve found is focusing on getting a good workout with weights and cardio most days gives me more energy to cook. We usually go out for froyo once a week, where I get fruit and sprinkles as toppings, rather than candy and syrups. We eat out maybe once a week too. Maybe pizza, maybe something else….okay usually it’s pizza. And you know what? It’s allowed. Pizza is delicious. Do I need to eat 16 slices? Nope, I’m good with a couple. It’s about living well, gnomesayin’?

If you’re interested, you can save $35 if you’re new to Home Chef here. I get a little somethin’ somethin’ too, so really you’re being a solid team player. Applause all around.

Here's your homework:

Today is Friday AND the last day of the month - what better time to plan to do better? Plan your meals and workouts for the next week and track how many times you absolutely crush your goals vs how many times you cruised through a drive-thru or skipped your workout vs your same goals last week. Planning works.

You can even download my free habit trackers to keep you on track here. My gift to you, friends. Bonus - you don't even have to use them for health goals. Use them for whatever habits you're trying to develop!

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