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Goal Setting

fit friday Jan 03, 2020

Goals are Important

I don’t make resolutions for a new year, but I do make goals. In fact, I make monthly goals, quarterly goals and annual goals for my business, health and personal life. By personal life, I mean everything that isn’t business or health, not like, finding a sugar daddy or whatever.

Each month for the past year, I have set goals for myself, along with bigger quarterly goals.

In 2019 I focused on mental health. Jason died in June of 2018, and 7 months later in January of 2019 I had my worst month. I was angry, sad and depressed, and I needed to focus on getting better mentally, which I did eventually. I stopped drinking alcohol to focus on feeling better. I took a lot of steps around my house to get un-stuck – I rearranged, redecorated and organized several rooms and spaces, and looking back at the past year, I did a lot and I feel great. Jason will live in my heart and my memories, but I’m not sad anymore. I think of him daily with happiness and gratitude that I got to have the time with him that I did, and that I got to have an impact on his life and his kids’ lives. I feel really, really good about that.

With my house and everything I needed to do, I set goals. In the spring, I redecorated the living room and got rid of the couch I hated and redid my front landscaping – I looooove flowers, so I planted a bunch of them. I needed the space I live in to feel like it's mine. In summer, I cleaned up and decorated my back patio and organized my closet/got rid of Jason’s clothes. I even installed a little bar for my dog’s clothes to hang on, obviously to add value to my house. My next home goal for Fall/end of year was to clean and organize my garage, and I finished in the eleventh hour. Literally on December 31. That’s the key – set a goal, and then do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but the feeling of accomplishment from completing a task like that is a huge mood booster. Then as time goes on, you can add to it, refine it, make changes and so on.

2019 was my year of mental health, and now I’m ready to shift gears and get back into being physically healthy, but I couldn’t do it before because my mind wasn’t right. I would exercise sporadically for the sole benefit of releasing endorphins to feel good mentally, but now I want to feel good physically too. I used to be so fit and strong, and I had the energy to keep up with my kid. I liked that, and I’m working toward that again.

So that said, I encourage you to set goals for yourself. Set a measurable goal attached to a “why”, like “I will lose ___ amount of weight by 2021 so I can feel confident in my clothes” or “I will run a marathon by December 2020 to show myself I’m capable of doing things I didn’t think I could do” or even non-health related, “I will learn to speak French fluently by December 2020 so I can visit France and confidently order a croissant without looking like a foolish American”.

Then you take your annual goal and break it down to quarterly and monthly goals – let’s take the weight loss one, “I will lose 50 pounds by 2021 so I can fee confident in my clothes”. Over the course of a year , that’s 12.5 pounds per quarter, which is about 4 pounds per month, or 1 pound per week. So here you go:

In January:

  • I’ll exercise 3 times per week
  • I’ll try 1 new fitness class each week 
  • I’ll limit fast food to 1x/week
  • I'll pack my lunch each day for work

At the end of the month, review and assess – did I meet my 4 pound goal? Where did I succeed and where did I fail? Readjust accordingly. If you didn’t meet your goal, don’t get discouraged, think, what could you change to help you next month? If you exceeded your goal, make a bigger goal for next month.

Say I lost 5 pounds in January, then in February: 

  • I’ll make a goal to lose 5 more (instead of 4)
  • I’ll increase my exercise to 4 times per week
  • I will prepare one new healthy recipe each week
  • I'll continue packing my lunch

At the end of the month, I’ll review and assess – did I meet my 5 pound goal? Where did I succeed and where did I fail? Readjust accordingly.

Say I only lost 3 pounds in February, in March I’ll aim for 4 again, the original goal.

  • I’ll think about where I struggled and focus harder on that area, and I won't get discouraged! 
  • I will exercise 4 time per week and add in a day of active recovery, like a 30 minute walk or yoga
  • I will continue trying a new healthy recipe each week
  • I'll incorporate healthy variations into some of my favorite meals, like substituting Greek yogurt for sour cream, or steamed veggies for mashed potatoes

At the end of the month, I’ll review and assess for the month, and also for the quarter. At this point, I’ll adjust my goals for the next quarter and coming months.

From the monthly goal you set, then break it down by week, and then by day. For this example, get a planner and write in your workouts and meals each day. If you miss a day, pick it back up the next day. No big deal. This is how I take a massive goal and break it down into manageable chunks, and you can apply the concept to any goal you have, not just fitness and health. It’s how I reorganized my house, it’s how I make business goals and push myself outside my comfort zone, and so on. So go on and slay some goals!

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