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Tips for Dying Your Hair Fun Colors At Home

diy tutorial tuesday May 19, 2020

We’re fans of fun summer hair colors in my house. I generally stick with pinks and purples and my son likes greens and blues. What’s the harm in it? School is out and most dyes wash out pretty fast. Here’s what I know about the crazy color dyes I’ve tried.

First, with every one of the fun color dyes, it will work best and give the brightest results on pre-dyed blonde hair. Ever since that one time in high school when box hair dye turned my hair an unfortunate shade of bright orange, I don’t use it to bleach my hair myself (too chicken, don’t @ me), but I do get semi-regular highlights at the salon. Those highlights are where the color shows best on me, and it eventually washes out leaving the blonde still looking great! Badda bing, badda boom. Also, super light colors will barely show on bleached blonde hair, so if your hair is darker, you’re better off choosing a darker dye color.

Second, always use gloves unless you want your hands to be whatever color you’re dying your hair. 

Third, swimming, showering, etc. will remove a little bit of color each time. If you want it to last, it’s best to keep it dry for as long as you can. If you’re cool with the fade, then go for that cannonball in the pool. Nobody here is gonna stop you.

Fourth, to protect your skin around your hairline from color, apply a little bit of Vaseline. This will help any color you get on your skin wash off easily.

I’ve tried TONS of brands of fun color dyes. Overtone has been my favorite, and Punky Colour has been my most recent. Here’s a breakdown of the difference.


Overtone is a color depositing conditioner that comes in a deep conditioner, which you use initially, and an in-shower conditioner which you can use to deposit more color each time you shower. As a fun bonus, you can shower with WARM water, which isn’t always the case with these dyes. Count me out for cold showers.

For most color options there are 3 levels – pastel, bright and bold. I like the pastels a lot. A lot, a lot. I used Overtone Pastel Purple in the picture above. You can also buy sample kits with each shade of a certain color, which is a fun way to see which colors work best on you without dropping a ton of money on the full sizes.

That said, Overtone is a bit pricey, but you get a larger tub of it and can most likely use it more than once – at least I can with my super fine, short-ish hair.

Overtone also has options for darker hair, but I haven't tried them.

Check it out here.

Punky Colour

If you want bold color, this one is solid and it’s pretty inexpensive - I got it for $8 on sale. It’s also conditioning, and you can also use warm water to wash it. It was bright and bold on my lightest hair, but didn’t do much of anything where my hair is darker blonde – my roots and the under parts. I used Purple, but it turned out more of a bright pink. I'd call it fuschia - a purpley pink.

A bummer about it is it also dyed my shower basin purple. Overall I like it for bold color, but I just don’t always like bold color. I’m a fan of pastels, okay? To be fair – they do offer pastels in this brand, but not as many options and I haven't tried them.

Check it out here.

I was happy with this one and I think it's a fun option for bold colors, but I think I’ll still go back to Overtone when I dye my hair a fun color again. 

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