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How to replace the staples on plantation shutters

Do you have plantation shutters that don’t attach right to the center tilt rod anymore? Me too. Here’s how to fix it – it’s quick and easy and anyone can do it with a pair of needle nose pliers, or even a pair of tweezers. Maybe even just your fingers – you do you. I shared this on Instagram a while back, but I’m putting it here because I get asked so often!

Replacing your Louver Staples on Plantation Shutters


Grip the staple so the points are stacked vertically with your pliers, and hook it through the existing staple on the louver (the blind). You might have to tilt it a bit to get it just right.

Then, while it’s hooked through the staple on the louver, move around to the other side and connect it back to the tilt rod via the existing two vertical holes. Push it in until it stops, or when about ¼” of it is left out. (There’s a joke here, I know.)

If it doesn’t stay, then add some super glue to the staple and do it again, holding it in place for the amount of time specified on the package of super glue.


And that’s it! If the staple fell out of the louver rather than the tilt rod, do the same thing, except hook the new staple through the existing staple on the tilt rod and attach it into the louver.

This is a super simple, inexpensive fix. Are you kicking yourself for waiting so long to replace these? I was when I first did it too!

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