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Nerky Book Club: October 2019

nerky book club Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 10/2/19

Y’all. This book was SO INFORMATIVE. You can get a copy here if you missed it or didn’t want to read it before I gave my glowing testimony. I know it was a risky book choice for book club, but I’m here for it.

Oh man. Where to start. First, I think it’s obvious that our mood, ability to think and brain clarity are connected to the food we eat. I’ve experienced it for sure – fast food makes me grumpy. Point blank. Apart from that, it makes me feel heavy and foggy. I felt the brain fog from drinking alcohol for days at a time after Jason died, which led me to take a break from drinking.

In addition to helpful information – think things like breaking down exactly what serotonin is and what it does in non-scientific terms, the book is filled with tidbits throughout called “Top 100 reasons to avoid processed food”. Y’all, it’s fascinating and disgusting all at once. “#39: Eight ounces of macaroni is permitted to contain 225 insect fragments and 4.5 rodent hairs.” EW.

Things I learned:

  1. Coffee is full on antioxidants and can reduce inflammation.
  2. As of 2011 when this book was published, the average American eats 3lbs of sugar per week. PER. WEEK.
  3. Apples will last a month in your fridge, but you should keep them in a plastic bag because they release ethylene and that can make other fruits and veggies spoil faster.

I highly recommend this book. It’s a pretty quick read, about half the book is recipes and the other half is information. It includes a “happiness diet meal plan” and a bunch of seemingly easy recipes. I haven’t tried any yet, but I will. This isn’t a fad diet, but rather science based research on how food affects us. I know we aren’t going to eat 100% organic all the time, but having the information available to make better decisions about the food we eat and how it affects us is important.

I hope you read it and I hope you found it as interesting and informative as I did!

This month’s book

….drumroll please…. 10% Happier by Dan Harris. My friend Angela requested we read it in this very unofficial official book club and it’s her birthday this month so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANGELA, we’re reading your book choice. Now I don’t have to get you a gift, right? Happy reading!

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