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Nerky Art Club is LIVE!

You guys, this is the email that went out to my awesome subscribers earlier today. I don't normally post my emails to the blog, but this one is special, and shows what you may be missing if you're not on my email list! If you want weekly encouraging emails, and to be the FIRST to know when I launch new things, then sign up below this post! Without further ado:

Guys - the Nerky Art Club is LIVE! You're the first to know, just a little thank you for subscribing to my emails! Visit to join.

This month we're focusing on getting started. Videos you'll see when you join:
- An overview of painting supplies and what you actually need
- The difference between different levels and brands of acrylic paints
- 3 ways to trace a picture
- How to hold a paintbrush
- FIVE free paint lessons (edit: by "free paint", I mean outside of the monthly theme. These are lessons in painting a specific painting, and are part of a growing library.)

And additional resources like:
- PDF guides with more in depth descriptions
- A guide for daily practice, including printable habit trackers
- January coloring pages, including a calendar page you can color!

And coming up this week, I'm adding:
- A video about shading and how to use color
- A sketching for canvas ebook guide
- 2 practice painting videos to hone the skills learned in these lessons
- How to take care of your supplies video

I'm adding new content on. the. daily. There's so much already there, so grab your spot while it's discounted ->

Just a quick note of gratitude. Thank you for being here, for listening and for joining the Nerky Art Club, should you choose to do so. I'm so grateful for this community, and I'm excited to see what you paint!



So what are you waiting for? Check out the brand new, shiny Nerky Art Club! P.S. The picture at the top of this post is of 2 of my students' work, and the tutorial for that painting of a pail of Lavender is available in the Nerky Art Club under "free paint"! P.S. When you join, you'll be locked in to your discounted rate for the life of your subscription (cue Napoleon Dynamite "yesssss") - the price will stay the same for you even after it goes up!

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