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Patio Weather Means Patio Inspo

home decor Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 7/2/19

Friends, I’m doing something new today. Try all the things, ya know? I’ve been RILL excited about getting new patio furniture. I’ve worked so hard to get my backyard lookin’ foiiiiine, that now I need somewhere to park it so I can enjoy looking at my hard work. Problem is, I have zero patio furniture. Between all the chaos of kids, broken pairs of goggles, deflated pool floats and half used sunscreen bottles, I just never got around to creating a beautiful patio space even back when we were a happy blended family of 7. It was functional, but not beautiful. Til now. Well, til next week when my furniture will be here.

My life came to a full stop last year when Jason died. It’s been over a year now, and redecorating has been a coping tool for me – make it less US and more ME. So far I’ve redone my son’s roomliving room, office and yard (meaning I completely revamped my flowerbeds) with a few new pieces and a lot of DIY. Pics of my office coming soon – once I finish the mural.

First, a brief history of my childhood. When I was a kid, a “Fun Friday Night” was me rearranging my bedroom furniture, painting a wall or styling a room. No lie. I rearranged my room probably once a season. I had zero budget to buy new furniture and decor as a kid, so I just moved things around. Even now, I love rearranging furniture. I just rearranged my office last weekend and it wasn’t that long ago that I redid the whole thing. Obviously I have always been a wild and crazy party animal. I like how moving furniture around breathes new energy into a space for little to no cost.

I spend a lot of time outside. I love love love to just lay on a pool float and soak up the sun. I take care of all of my plant babies and just like to chill out there, but I don’t have any patio furniture. Full stop, say what? yeah. No patio furniture. I have pool seating, but it’s not under the patio. Basically I have a broken mini fridge, a grill and random tools everywhere. NOT CUTE FAM. Since I spend so much time out there, I had to make a change, but along the way I found some stuff that I LOVE. Every time I redecorate, I basically come up with 65,029 styles before I finally settle on something. There are so many options! Hopefully I took a little bit of the work out of it for you by styling a few patio options and linking some sales here.

First, some sale links. Y’all, I get commission if you shop my links, so help a sista out, ya know?

Pier1 has 25% off with code FIREWORKS and free shipping with FREESHIP49 – hit the link to go to there!

World Market has 20% off and free shipping over $75 with code WMJULY4 – hit the link to go to there! You have to be a rewards member, but it’s easy and free to sign up.

Wayfair has up to 75% off on outdoor furniture and patio decor – happy dance! Hit the link to go to there.

Walmart has some solid sales going on – I definitely got a couple of things there for my patio! Hit the link to go to there.

Target has up to 30% off patio and home – hit the link to go to there! has an extra 20% off select items and free shipping – hit the link to go to there!

Navy Blue Patio

I’m into the navy trend, y’all. Into it hard.

  1. Navy Sectional from Walmart – linked alternate because this one is sold out
  2. Shag pillow from Pier 1
  3. Throw pillow set from Target
  4. Orange pillow from World Market
  5. Geometric coral pillow from Pier 1
  6. White mid-century planter from Overstock
  7. Blue fabric planter from Target
  8. Red and white diamond outdoor rug from Target
  9. Wood crate planter from Overstock
  10. Bronze fire pit from Bed Bath and Beyond
  11. Stone fire pit from Overstock
  12. Outdoor fan from

Black, White and Yellow Patio

V. sophisticated with a fun side, like your Aunt Chloe, the fashion editor.

  1. Black and white outdoor couch from Wayfair
  2. Yellow polka dot pillow from Pier 1
  3. Black and white geometric pillow from Overstock
  4. Yellow bistro set from Pier 1
  5. Black and white umbrella from Target – linked alternate, this one is sold out
  6. Black wall sconce from Overstock
  7. Planter on wood stand from Overstock – linked alternate, this one is sold out
  8. Black and white planter set from Overstock
  9. Wood barrel planter set from Overstock
  10. Outdoor rug from Target
  11. Yellow outdoor ottoman from Target
  12. Wooden modern adirondack chair from Etsy

Teal and FUN Colorful Patio

I’ll give you 3 guesses where I drew most of my inspiration for my actual patio. I’ll post pics and links of my exact stuff when I get it in, but these colors, y’all. I love it all.

  1. Teal sectional from Walmart
  2. Fun patio umbrella from Bed Bath and Beyond
  3. White palm patio fan from
  4. White stone face planter from Overstock
  5. Cement planter from Bed Bath and Beyond
  6. Mint green mod planter from Overstock – linked alternate because this one suddenly disappeared, neat
  7. Paisley outdoor ottoman from Overstock
  8. Teal saucer swing from Pier 1
  9. Neutral flower patio rug from Target – linked alternate because this one also suddenly disappeared, even neater
  10. Colorful stripe patio rug from Walmart
  11. Gas fire pit from Overstock
  12. Wood fire pit with table top from Walmart

So what do we think, friends? Need more decor inspiration? Give me a room and I’ll decorate it!

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