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Tutorial Tuesday: 2 Tips for Mural Painting in a Small Space

art diy mural tutorial tuesday Jun 16, 2020

I love a fun mural. You want flamingos in your guest bathroom? IGOTCHU. Here's the thing - painting in a bathroom has different rules than painting in a common area. For instance, you have to consider the size of the room and how it will look in the reflection of the mirror.

Coincidentally, I just showed the Nerky Art Club kids members an easy way to paint flamingos this month. Not in the club? Check it out here.

The walls in this bathroom were already a pale green, and it's a fairly small space.These 2 factors made up how I decided to lay out the mural.

Use colors that complement the existing wall color. I wanted the mural to flow with the pale green walls, so I used a lot of green in the details - leaves, bamboo and the water the flamingos are standing in. Had I done blue water, it would have been more jarring for the eye. I wanted the flamingos to be the focal point, so all of the other elements needed to complement the background color and blend in. 

Use negative space to enhance your mural if it's in a smaller space. It's a small space so I left a lot of the wall empty. Had I painted every inch of it, it would have been busy and borderline claustrophobic. By leaving some empty space the room doesn't feel so small, and when you stand at the sink to look in the mirror, you aren't overwhelmed by the reflection. The mural, not your face. I'm sure your face is excellent.

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