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I Tried a Versaclimber Class

fitness Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 3/1/19

Versaclimbers – something I’d never heard of until I watched Mark Wahlberg get all bragadoshe about his daily 4am workouts on Instagram. Y’all, anything before 8am, I’m out. I mean anything, much less a hard workout. In order to show up for my workout in the best way possible, I need to fully wake up first, and that takes a minute.

Luckily, we did this class in the evening. The studio was cool and in a trendy part of Dallas. Honestly, Dallas has been showing. up. lately. There are tons of cool new places and the neighborhoods are getting less and less sketch. Hollaback, Dallas. I see you and your millennial makeover.

We went to Rise Nation – they have several locations, so there might be one near you. But wait a sec before you go book your first class, because this workout is no joke.

What had happened was

My friend Brandi and I decided to start trying local fitness classes just to check them out – there are so many new and different classes out there now! Most studios offer a free class or deep discounts for a newcomer, so why not? Rise Nation was our first class in this new venture. We went all in, y’all. Maybe we should have eased into this plan with some light yoga, I’m just sayin’. To be fair, we didn’t know what we were getting into.

What is Rise Nation?

Rise Nation is a studio class with high intensity workouts on versaclimbers. A versaclimber is a machine you get on to mimic climbing. Your legs are strapped in and you grab a piece at the top of the machine with your arms. You can adjust the resistance to make it easier or more difficult. You’re working your arms and legs and butt and back and core and ears and toes and belly button. All the things. The class reminded me a lot of a spin class – it’s high energy and there’s one instructor in the front and several machines to hop on. Rise Nation was cool – the music was solid and they have a cool ceiling light effect that dances with the music. It momentarily distracted me from the fact that I was on the cusp of passing out from this workout.

I feel like I would have been super into this class about 30 pounds ago. I was fit AF back then, I could do any workout. My muscles were poppin’. My stomach was flat. I didn’t have a bum knee or love handles. I would have been stoked to do this. As it stands now, or back when I did this class a few months ago, I wasn’t ready for this intense of a workout. And y’all, it was intense.


I would recommend a versaclimber class if you are already fit or fit-ish. This is not a class for newbies. So yes, try it! Just be forewarned that it’s definitely a difficult class, even if you back off on the resistance on the machine. There’s a new climber special at most of the Rise Nation locations – 3 classes for $30. It’s a pretty sweet deal considering 1 class is usually $25. I don’t think they were running that special when I went last year.

Would I go back? Probably not. It wasn’t my thing. I felt like it was a lot like a spin class, which I’m not into either. I’m glad I tried it, as always, but if I’m going to climb, I would prefer to go rock climbing as opposed to using a versaclimber.

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