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I Need Your Help!

art Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 9/23/19

Friends, I’m in the process of transitioning my site to a new platform and all new site (same link and same blog, just more other stuff!) and I’m very excited, but also very busy and my posting frequency has suffered. However, here I am on this lovely Monday with a very exciting information dump.

I really sold that, huh?

First, I pitched a mural painting to Alt Summit and I need your vote! First of all, I hate asking for votes, but second of all, there is no second of all, I just needed to finish the sentence. You can vote at the link below for my pitch, and if I get chosen to paint at Alt Summit, I’ll give you a virtual high five and even maybe figure out how to time lapse it so you can sort of see it live. I’ll do my best.

Here’s the whole link to copy and paste in case clicking the link don’t work:

Voting ends on the 25th (Wednesday!) so time is of the essence! I appreciate you SO MUCH for your support, not only now, but through all the years I’ve been blogging and painting. For real.

Second, I finished a mural at Oscars in Burleson, TX and when they open in a couple of weeks you have to go check it out in person! Stay tuned on Instagram for opening announcements and such. Here’s a preview – it’s structured and chaotic. It’s bold and colorful. It’s like a rainbow matrix is collapsing inside a fiery sunset. And it’s like 15′ tall.

If you have a business in or within driving distance to DFW and you want a custom mural, aka a Happy Wall, email me here!

Third, I hurt my foot, so I’ve been chilling out with running. No reason to get a full blown injury, gnomesayin’? Been there done that. Got the t-shirt and medicals bills. I’m going to chill out for a couple more days and see if it heals up, then get back to it!

Fourth, like I said, I’m transitioning my site! Woohooo! The link will be the same and hopefully the bookmarks will work too (in a perfect world, ha). I’m preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty stoked about some new stuff coming to my site, y’all. Once again, thank you for the support, encouragement and your general awesomeness. I feel your positivity every day and it keeps me going!

The internet is full of keyboard warriors with unsolicited opinions and mean things to say, but honestly my little space here is always positive and uplifting and that’s all YOU! Thank you for keeping up the positivity, open-mindedness and general awesomeness. Thank you for being kind when you disagree with something I say or do, realizing we’re all human and sometimes we’re not gonna agree. It’s all good, y’all. As long as we’re respectful, we can disagree and move on merrily about our day, building up people around us and promoting positivity and encouragement.

Let’s do something kind for someone else today, y’all. You don’t have to tell anyone or talk about it, but you can if you want to. Just make a conscious effort to do something nice for someone today. Leave someone else a little better off than they were before. Cheers <3

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