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What is the Nerky Art Club?

Friends, The Nerky Art Club is opening in ONE WEEK! I pushed back the launch for 2 months for 2 reasons. First, I revamped my entire idea. Literally from the ground up. It's more robust and has more tutorials, more exercises, more everything. I'm pretty pumped about it, and I hope you are too! You can learn more here, and I can't wait for you to see it!

My second reason is that I didn't have the brain power to create something as big as this, as quickly as I could in the past. I wanted to launch last summer, but being a year after Jason died, I still wasn't healed and couldn't think like I was used to. A summer launch wasn't in the cards, so I pushed it to November. Even so, I couldn't focus on it like I wanted to. Losing someone, apart from being devastating, is very mentally exhausting for a long time. I went through a period in the first year where my memory just flat out didn't work. I couldn't remember people coming to my house - things that were super obvious and memorable. I lost my car keys, forgot appointments, missed deadlines and more. I thought there was something wrong with me, but I did a little research and found that it's actually super common. *Phew.* It took some time, like 18 months after Jason died, but like I mentioned in my last post, I feel really, really good now. My brain is back on track, thinking of him is all happy memories and gratitude, and I can finally think straight again. It's like a fog has been lifted.

I imagine this sounds pretty insane to someone who hasn't been through the loss of someone close, and extremely relatable to someone who has lost someone. I went from balancing a full time 50+ hours a week job, 2 grad school classes, freelancing and being a mom/stepmom to 5 and wife, to not being able to focus for long enough to complete even one task on my to-do list. The short science of it is that a brain fog during grief is created by your brain putting all of its energy toward making sense of something that doesn't make sense, so much so that there is very little brain energy left over for anything else. That's why it's so exhausting and that's why it's hard to focus and remember things. So if you're going through this, you're okay. It's normal. Make lists, write down appointments and check your planner every day. If you know someone who has lost someone, be patient and understanding if they forget an appointment with you. Their brain is working hella hard to keep up, and they're doing their best.

Even though my brain was broken (I kid, but that's what it felt like), an idea was born sometime last year. It was a big idea, and I wasn't sure how I wanted to execute it, but I knew I wanted to make it happen. Slowly over the course of a few months, it developed into something I'm working super hard on over the next week to get it ready for launch - the Nerky Art Club. 

I've been teaching art classes and hosting painting parties for almost 2 years now. I do it in person, and in each class we paint a pre-determined painting. Prior to that, I've been drawing and painting my entire adult life. I paint wall murals, do custom pet portraits and custom digital drawings. I always thought, man I could teach other people to do this - it doesn't have to be difficult or even expensive. When I would post about teaching a class, people would say - I wish I could go, but I don't live near Dallas! Well friends, here is your opportunity!

What the Nerky Art Club is:

It's a monthly membership that gives you access to monthly art lessons, ebooks, coloring pages and painting lessons centered around a theme. In addition, there are painting lessons outside the theme - "free paint" lessons where you can learn to paint from a library of pictures to choose from. The focus theme changes each month, and there are free paint tutorials constantly added - all done by yours truly. The lessons are kid-friendly, and there are coloring pages included each month for kiddos who aren't quite old enough to grasp painting, and for everyone else who needs to relax. I firmly believe in coloring for relaxation. 

So if you've ever wanted to take one of my painting classes - here's your chance! For less than the price of a painting course for 1 painting, you get access to monthly lessons and my entire library, which constantly has new tutorials added. In fact, between us, I'll be adding new free paint tutorials weekly for the next few weeks as I kick off this club.

When you sign up, you will be locked in to the rate you pay for the life of your membership. And let it be known, this is the lowest price it will ever be. So act now, brown cow.

What the Nerky Art Club isn't:

The NAC will focus mostly on painting with acrylics with secondary focus on drawing and painting with watercolor. If you want oil painting lessons or hand lettering, this will not be for you - but never say never! 

The Nerky Art Club opens in SEVEN DAYS. Set your alarm on your phone, friends!

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