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Catch DIY, painting or home tutorials on Tutorial Tuesdays and Fit tips for mental and physical health on Fit Friday. What can I say, I like to alliterate

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Logo Design + How to Paint a Logo on the Wall

Friends, I've been designing logos for a looooong time. I like a clean, crisp, simple logo design, and I hate certain fonts for logos (ahem, Papyrus, Comic Sans, Bradley Hand). Those fonts have their time and place, but for the love, not in a logo! 

*steps down from soap box*

This business needed a new logo, and then they wanted it painted on the wall. Their logo needed to be more versatile and modern and convey "flexibility". I'll go into the ins and outs of my process for...

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Baseball Mural - Comin' In Hot!

art mural Feb 24, 2020

Check out this BALLER mural for a huge baseball fan. Really knocked it out of the park with this one. Home run. 

Murals and puns? I've got it all. Here's the full view:

If you're local to Dallas and in the market for a happy wall - for businesses or home - read more here or slide into my inbox and we can chat about it!

And if you're NOT local to Dallas, then...have paint, will travel. 

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Mountain and Trees Mural

art mural Feb 17, 2020

Check out this cute, simple mural done for a new baby's room! Obviously he should be named Hunter. Or Forrest. Or...Mountain..?

Monochromatic Mountains 

The full scale here, because the wall is longer than my camera lens:

Before, the whole room was a tan color, so the mural accent wall added a fun flair, but as a special service I painted the rest of the walls the lightest green color of the mural to brighten it up a bit.




If you're local to Dallas and in the...

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How to Draw a Rose

It's Tutorial Tuesday and with Valentine's Day coming up, here's a quick way you can add a rose to the love notes you'll be writing.

Start with the bottom-most petal of the rose and move up and in and you go, finishing the flower with the overlapping back petals. Add the stem and leaves last. Make sure your petals come to a slight rounded point, and that's it! Now you can add some zhuzh to your love notes, or maybe just to your notebook while you're on conference calls.

We're focusing...

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Fit Friday: Planning

fit friday Jan 31, 2020

Y’all – I have a fit tip today. Just the tip. Here it is:

100% of the times I don’t plan out my workout, I don’t work out.

If I don’t know what I’m going to do – run, walk, weight circuit, etc. – I don’t do anything. So I plan. I write it in my planner (aptly named, eh?), which I’m constantly checking things off in all day err day. I write down what I’m going to do at a high level – run, weights, kickboxing, etc. –...

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Fit Friday: Working Out at Home

fit friday fitness momming Jan 24, 2020

I’ve been doing the home workouts in Just Brandi’s Six Week Challenge for the past week and a half, and I am FEELING IT. Alllll the sore muscles, but it’s that good hurt that shows you’re getting stronger. I alternate days most of the time between a challenge workout, which is generally focused on strength training, and running. Starting today and moving forward, I think I will run or walk (or just do some kind of cardio for about 30 minutes) every day in...

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Importing Coloring Pages to Procreate

tutorial tuesday Jan 21, 2020

Procreate is the best drawing app for the iPad if you're on a budget, hands down! It's $10 (one time, not a subscription) and you can illustrate, doodle, create animations and more. Today, I'm showing you how to upload the coloring pages in the Nerky Art Club to color them digitally in Procreate.

Every month, in addition to monthly themed lessons and free-paint tutorials, you also get at least 3 coloring pages, one of which is always a calendar page. YES. A calendar page! Like, for the month....

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Nerky Art Club is LIVE!

You guys, this is the email that went out to my awesome subscribers earlier today. I don't normally post my emails to the blog, but this one is special, and shows what you may be missing if you're not on my email list! If you want weekly encouraging emails, and to be the FIRST to know when I launch new things, then sign up below this post! Without further ado:

Guys - the Nerky Art Club is LIVE! You're the first to know, just a little thank you for subscribing to my emails! Visit ...

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10 Ways to Cleanse Your MIND for the New Year

fit friday Jan 10, 2020

This Fit Friday tip is about mental fitness. We are well into the new year and I’m feeling great. I have plans and goals on track, and when I compare how I felt last year at this time, it’s a complete 180. Last year, the chaos, excitement and distraction of the holidays had passed, and I was left still having to forge through my day to day life without Jason. Plus, I had some big home repairs including replacing my AC units, which was a daunting task/expense to take on alone. I...

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What is the Nerky Art Club?

Friends, The Nerky Art Club is opening in ONE WEEK! I pushed back the launch for 2 months for 2 reasons. First, I revamped my entire idea. Literally from the ground up. It's more robust and has more tutorials, more exercises, more everything. I'm pretty pumped about it, and I hope you are too! You can learn more here, and I can't wait for you to see it!

My second reason is that I didn't have the brain power to create something as big as this, as quickly as I could in the past. I wanted to...

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