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Living Room Update: Navy is the New Tan

diy home decor Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 4/22/19

Redecorating: cheaper than therapy and equally as effective. In my case at least. I updated my living room from a cardboard tan color to navy blue and that alone made SUCH a difference in the feel of the room, then I added new furniture, and what once was a space that constantly reminded me of what I lost, is now a space I can make new memories and move forward with my life on my own terms.

My living room was the place we all hung out all the time when Jason...

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Why I Stopped Drinking Alcohol

widow Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 4/8/19

I wasn’t ever an alcoholic, just a social drinker. Happy hour every now and then, maybe go out to a bar on the weekend once a…quarter? Drinking was never a problem for me in the sense that I wasn’t dependent on alcohol. It was a problem, though, because of how it made me feel.

After Jason died I was desperate to feel better. I was stuck under this weight of shock, depression, sadness and anger all rolled into one massive behemoth. I tried...

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9 Months

widow Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 3/4/19

Today is March 4th. Every month on the fourth I’m reminded that life goes on. The world keeps spinning, regardless what happens in your own little world. It’s been exactly 9 months since my little world imploded.

9 months since my husband got up to go to bed. “I’m going to bed.” “Okay, goodnight, love you.” “Love you.”

9 months since I heard a noise in my bedroom and got up to see what it was.

9 months since...

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I Tried a Versaclimber Class

fitness Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 3/1/19

Versaclimbers – something I’d never heard of until I watched Mark Wahlberg get all bragadoshe about his daily 4am workouts on Instagram. Y’all, anything before 8am, I’m out. I mean anything, much less a hard workout. In order to show up for my workout in the best way possible, I need to fully wake up first, and that takes a minute.

Luckily, we did this class in the evening. The studio was cool and in a trendy part of Dallas....

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Why I Stopped Drinking Celery Juice

fitness food Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 2/25/19

Celery juice – so hot right now. (You have to say it like Mugatu talking about Hansel in Zoolander or it’s not funny. Related – it might actually just not be funny.) I tried drinking celery juice every morning on an empty stomach for 32 days. You can read about the purported benefits here. I loved the routine I built around it in the mornings, and I didn’t mind the flavor. I was excited to see what it did for me after seeing how...

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I Tried a Pole Fitness Class

fitness Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 2/21/19

I tried a pole dancing fitness class as part of a bachelorette party last year, and it’s safe to say I would be a very sad exotic dancer. I’d definitely be assigned to the Tuesday lunch buffet time slot. I guess I’ll stick to my day job.

The class was at Vertical Fitness Dallas, which is the same place I went this week to try out aerial yoga – you can read about it at the link. It was taught by a former (maybe current?) exotic...

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DIY Lego Storage Container

diy momming Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 2/15/19

This year we got to make valentine boxes for my son’s class party, and I’m pretty stoked that his is one we can continue to use for storage now that Valentine’s Day has passed. I love a good dual purpose craft. We also did Lego Valentines, so we kept the theme going by making a Lego themed Valentine container, too. We went through several ideas – how cute and easy would it be to use a kleenex box and make it look like a Lego brick?


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I Tried Aerial Yoga

fitness Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 2/18/19

This weekend I tried aerial yoga for the first time. It was rad and I felt like a flying gazelle princess…except when I felt like a clumsy elephant. There was no in between.

I went to Vertical Fitness Dallas with a friend – it was my second time there, but the first was for a pole dancing class/Bachelorette party last April. More on that class another time. It was a doozy.

I’ve taken a lot of yoga classes of different varieties, but never...

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Love Yourself

widow Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 2/14/19

My husfriend and I used to make each other things for Valentine’s Day. I thought it was the most perfect way to celebrate the hallmark holiday – put a little time and effort into a small homemade or thoughtful gift. Sometimes it was food and one year he made me origami flowers, which I still have and will always display proudly. He also gave me one on our first date – a man who brings a gift on a first date? Hell yes. Keeper.

The the year...

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How to Get Your Kid to Eat Vegetables

food momming Oct 15, 2019

Sometimes when I post my dinners on Instagram I get questions about how to get your kid to eat healthy food. Nobody wants to have to cook separate meals for the kids. My kid will eat whatever I put in front of him, and that's been the rule from the first day he started eating solid food. Occasionally there's a, "Do I not have to eat all the brussels sprouts?" But it's rare. Kudos to my kid for that genius reverse psychology phrasing. I wonder where he got that.

Step 1: Start Young

I used to...

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