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How to Get Your Kid to Eat Vegetables

food momming Oct 15, 2019

Sometimes when I post my dinners on Instagram I get questions about how to get your kid to eat healthy food. Nobody wants to have to cook separate meals for the kids. My kid will eat whatever I put in front of him, and that's been the rule from the first day he started eating solid food. Occasionally there's a, "Do I not have to eat all the brussels sprouts?" But it's rare. Kudos to my kid for that genius reverse psychology phrasing. I wonder where he got that.

Step 1: Start Young

I used to...

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Over Bed Fort Build

diy widow Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 1/15/19

4 trips to Home Depot.
2 broken drill bits.
1 very excited 7 year old.

Y’all, I’m not special. I’m not some woodworking goddess with tons of experience and a knack for building. I’ve literally never built anything in my life, except Lego sets. Do I generally know my way around basic power tools? Yes. Was building something like this mildly terrifying? Yes. Did I know how to build a structure before this? No. I’m just a woman who...

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7 Books to Help Navigate Grief

nerky book club widow Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 1/4/19

When Jason first died, well-meaning people gave me books about grief and religion. I wasn’t interested in them at all. I could barely function as a human, much less wrap my mind around the thought of even trying to understand why Jason was gone, where he went and what that meant for my life and our family. Over time, distraction became my crutch to move forward. About 2-3 months after he died, I started to read some of the books that were given to me, and...

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May the Force Be With You

widow Oct 15, 2019

Originally Published on 12/26/18

Today, December 26th, is what would be my elope-iversary with my husfriend, Jason. I called him my husfriend after we got married because while we were dating it felt weird to call him my boyfriend. He wasn’t a boy, he was a MAN, so I called him my manfriend. It was a natural transition to husfriend after our elopement.

It was Christmas Eve 2015. We celebrated our “Christmas” that morning, as you have to do when you have split custody of...

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Maintaining My Sanity, Sort Of

art painting Oct 15, 2019

Originally published on 12/7/18

When I decided to start blogging again, I said I would make my mental health priority numero uno. I told myself I wouldn't stress out if I couldn't get a post up and that I wouldn't commit to posting any certain number of times per week/month. After all, this blog doesn't pay my bills, mkayyyy. When it does, different story. Til then, I'll post when I feel like it and say what I want to say and do it on my own terms in a way that works for me and hopefully...

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Thankful Thursday: Amazon

thankful thursday Oct 15, 2019

Originally published on 11/15/18

It's Thankful Thursday - something I usually do in my Instagram stories - and I'm here to say Amazon is amazing, but maybe not for the obvious reasons. I will prime All. Day. Long. Son. However, it turns out Jason and I were both paying for Prime Why? We’ll never know. Just an oversight in our great house merger I guess.

I saw the renewal come through before a year had passed since I paid it and I was like woah woah woah woah woah, y'all. So I called...

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Beauty in Nature

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2019

Originally posted on 11/13/18

Y'all. IT'S FRICKIN COLD OUTSIDE. Not into it, especially because I barely know how to keep plants alive in optimal weather conditions, but now you throw a freeze at me right after I planted Jason? Fam. I can't. It will never stop being weird to say "I planted Jason", but he loved growing things. He had flowers and plants that were 20 years old. He would be outside taking care of the plants and come in with a handful of blueberries and blackberries for me while I...

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It's Something Friday

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2019

Originally posted 11/9/18

It's Self Love Friday. Love Yourself Friday? FriYAY for Self Care? The name is a work in progress.

My weekends are different now, which is probably obvious and understandable. Weekends with Jason were chaotic and fun with all of the family stuff - sports, being cool parents, etc. We were the fun house for sleepovers. He did all the yard work and I made sure the kids got food and picked up after basically everyone.

I used weekends to promote my Etsy shop, do...

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Same Book, New Chapter

widow Oct 12, 2019

Originally posted on 11/6/18

I've thought a lot about when I would start blogging again. Now seemed like a good time after everything that's happened this year. Last Saturday, we - Jason's 4 kids, his former stepson from a prior marriage, my son, and I - planted Jason's ashes into a tree. A Japanese Red Maple because he loved Japanese culture, and they have beautiful red foliage, his favorite color. Just like this new tree is starting to grow, this is a fresh start for my life after...

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