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Catch DIY, painting or home tutorials on Tutorial Tuesdays and Fit tips for mental and physical health on Fit Friday. What can I say, I like to alliterate

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10 Ways to Cleanse Your MIND for the New Year

fit friday Jan 10, 2020

This Fit Friday tip is about mental fitness. We are well into the new year and I’m feeling great. I have plans and goals on track, and when I compare how I felt last year at this time, it’s a complete 180. Last year, the chaos, excitement and distraction of the holidays had passed, and I was left still having to forge through my day to day life without Jason. Plus, I had some big home repairs including replacing my AC units, which was a daunting task/expense to take on alone. I...

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Goal Setting

fit friday Jan 03, 2020

Goals are Important

I don’t make resolutions for a new year, but I do make goals. In fact, I make monthly goals, quarterly goals and annual goals for my business, health and personal life. By personal life, I mean everything that isn’t business or health, not like, finding a sugar daddy or whatever.

Each month for the past year, I have set goals for myself, along with bigger quarterly goals.

In 2019 I focused on mental health. Jason died in June of 2018, and 7 months later in...

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