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The Nerky Art Club is getting a refresh and will be open again for new subscribers in 2021! In the mean time, check out my Skillshare page for painting and design lessons!









Nerky Art Club vs. Nerky Art Club for KIDS

What's the difference? See below for a breakdown!

Nerky Art Club

Monthly lessons on a specific painting theme

Weekly painting tutorials added to the free paint library

Monthly calendar of lessons

- PLUS -

Complete access to the Nerky Art Club for Kids

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Nerky Art Club for KIDS

Weekly short lessons meant for kids ages 5-10

Weekly coloring pages

Monthly calendar of lessons

**does not include anything in the full version of the Nerky Art Club**

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What is the Nerky Art Club?

It's a virtual art club for everyone! By joining the Nerky Art Club, you get access to all of my video painting tutorials. Tutorials are for painting with acrylic paint and are definitely suitable for beginners! 

Lessons for everyone!

Video tutorials so you can paint right along with me! Templates, stencils sometimes included as well as resources to make each project as easy as you need.

Take it at your own pace

Pause and come back. Paint 2 tutorials in a day. YOU CHOOSE! You have full access to my FULL library of painting videos for the duration of your subscription!

Fun for all ages

The whole family can paint together! Use my tutorials for family fun, kids, homeschool art class, in the classroom, girls night or to hone a new hobby. 

You Can Paint This!

Here are just a few of the paintings you can learn to paint with the tutorials in the Nerky Art Club! There are paintings for beginners and intermediate level artists along with tips and tricks to get the outcome you're looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Nerky Art Club is a virtual art studio where I teach you how to draw and paint! Each month we focus on a specific theme or technique with lessons and paintings that go along with it. There are:

  • Monthly video lessons
  • Worksheets and guides
  • Supplies lists
  • A library of painting tutorials in addition to the monthly lessons 
  • Specific kids content from the Nerky Art Club for Kids
  • Coloring pages
  • And more!

Yes, the Nerky Art Club is a membership. You will have access to all of the content for the duration of your membership, and you will gain access as soon as you join. You will also be locked in to your low rate for the duration of your membership. You can cancel at any time, but if you cancel and rejoin, you will be responsible for paying the current rate. Since this is a digital products and service, there will be no refunds.

My tutorials are designed to encourage beginners and creatively stretch more advanced artists. If you are a beginner, you're in the right spot! If you're an advanced artist, you can benefit from seeing the prompts and learning a new perspective. 

Yes! I have a specific membership meant for kids age 5-10, click here to go to the Nerky Art Club for Kids.

If you join the Nerky Art Club, you will receive the Kids content at no extra cost. No need to join both!

However, if you just join the Nerky Art Club for Kids, you will only receive the kids content.

Yes! You can definitely use it in the classroom. Please subscribe individually per class/teacher. 

The Nerky Art Club has tutorials and content meant for teenager to adult beginning or intermediate artists. Content is released the first Tuesday of the month and follows a monthly theme. There is also a library of free-paint video lessons where you can learn to paint pictures that are outside the monthly theme.

The Nerky Art Club for Kids is a separate membership meant for kids age 5-10. This membership includes weekly lessons meant for kids. The video lessons are shorter and more manageable for a younger artist. There is no library of free-paint lessons, but just like the regular Nerky Art Club, you will have access to all lessons for the duration of your membership.

With your Nerky Art Club subscription, you automatically get the Kids content as well! No need to purchase both.

However, with the Nerky Art Club for Kids subscription purchase, you will only receive the kids content.

Looking for more information about the Nerky Art Club for Kids? Visit this page:

Painting with Purpose

A percentage of every membership goes to foundations to preserve nature and help the environment. Earth is a main source of inspiration for most artists, after all.

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